Corporate social responsibility

Social Responsibility

In harmony with Vision PT. GARAM (Persero) as a Global Class Salt Company, the commitment and concern PT. SALES (Persero) on Social Responsibility (Social Responsibility) is a Contribution of PT. SALT (Persero) to the maximum efforts to improve the dignity and dignity of salt farmers.

Sustainable development not only concentrates on environmental issues. More broadly, sustainable development encompasses three areas of policy: economic development, social development and environmental protection (People, Profit and Planet).

Partnership Work Program
    1. Lending for Working Capital and / or Purchase of Earning Assets
    2. Special Loans for SMEs that have become Additional Loan Forms in order to comply with Orders from SMEs Business Partner
    3. Mentoring Program for Capacity Building of SMEs in the form of Educational Aid / Training, Apprenticeship & Promotion

PKBL Work Program in Madura Region for Small & Medium Enterprises is spread in 3 regencies namely Sumenep Regency, Pamekasan Regency & Sampang Regency, Loan Working Capital Program Working Partner Program focuses on several Commodities such as:
    1. Industrial Commodities
    2. Commodities in Service Sectors
    3. Trade Sector Commodity
    4. Agricultural, Livestock & Fishery Commodities
    5. Cooperative Sector Commodity

Community Development Program
    1. Increased Production Program of Quality Salt
    2. Production Facility & Infrastructure Assistance Program for Salt Farmers
    3. The program of refining the sea water into fresh water is worth drinking
    4. Mosque Construction Program
    5. MCK Construction Program
    6. Health Service Program for Salt Farmers
    7. School Child Support Program for the salt farmers' families
    8. ASRI Environmental Maintenance Program
    9. Cooperative Program for Salt Farmers